Hi, I’m Susie Q your event organiser, dance hostess and DJ. I am passionate about social dancing and I also have a love of crafts as well as vintage from the 1920s onwards.

I dance ballroom, latin, sequence and line dance, and since my first dance lesson, I can no longer imagine life without dance. It is my passion for dance which is the driving force behind me starting up Shall We Dance Events, as I want to keep ballroom and latin social dancing going for future generations. 

There are so many benefits to be gained from dancing and it doesn’t matter if you have “two left feet”, have no sense of rhythm; whether you’re a “dad dancer” or a “dancing queen”. I definitely thought I could never dance and had the worst left/right coordination but dancing has helped with this and I have never looked back since I took those first tentative steps at my first lesson.

I know many people think they can’t dance but that’s just not true, everyone can dance, it just might take some longer to learn the steps than others but that’s really not important at all. Dancing is just like walking but to a different beat and we all learnt to walk in our own time when we were ready. Therefore, I am trying to break down the barriers that hold people back preventing them from giving it a go! Social dancing is fun and sociable, and it keeps you active too. 





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